Day ??? – Sterile talks

I am so upset. I am SO UPSET. I don’t like when I am upset because I don’t know how the fuck to deal with this emotions.

My nerves are completely breaking down and me with them.

I mean. I talk. A shit lot. I voice out stuff. I explain. Well … I try.

But everything is so fucking sterile and nothing is moving in the good direction and FOR FUCK SAKE I’m not just upset, I’m angry.

I have a voice but it’s useless. I have body I can’t use as I would like to. I have brain and I still try to figure out WHY I can’t return it … I mean, where is the guarantee? Can I have a new one please. One that doesn’t constantly fail me?

I mean at some point I get it. Life WILL keep going on that I am happy about or not.

So fuck this, I’m unhappy. Here. Take that life. I’m so fucking unhappy and I have no one to blame for it.

That’s just a fact.

There is no escape. No nothing.

I am not done somehow because I’m a masochist survivor BUT COME ON LIFE give me a break no? Let me breath… just a bit.

Let me sleep. Please. Let me …

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