Day 5 – Life goes on

I had a difficult night because of my health issues. But I still manage to sleep better each day.
Slowly but surely I get better routine.
I just wish I was going through less struggles.

I still haven’t been able to find a way to not forget about my medication and therapeutic exercises. I have alarms. I have also my mental alarm. But I keep pushing it to later and nothing is happening.

I know I need time.
That’s why I try to not stress myself out.
But I may have to push myself harder at some point.

I feel like despite these moments of “lows”, I manage to find more and more joy in my family/friends time.

I feel I have a solid relationship with people right now I can start to call friends without wondering why they like to have me around or asking myself one thousand questions a day about trust and life and the rest.
I feel also closer to my long time friends and to my husband and son.

It feels good to be included and I will just try for once to not worry or overthink.

I just want to enjoy every second and that’s all.

Hopefully my brain will let me haha.

2 thoughts on “Day 5 – Life goes on

    1. I answered to your questions via the link you send me.
      I don’t really where to stand since this is something I just started a few days ago but if it can help others, why not


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